Confirmed list contains name of Students who have deposited Admission Fee and Secured their Admission
First Semester shall commence from 10th September, 2018. Candidates must bring their Original Documents with Undertaking and Medical Certificate as mentioned in Annexure placed on website.
S# No Roll No Name Father Name CNIC Admission Status
1 BS-18-LB-108616 Muhammad Ibrahim Jaffar Jaffar Hussain 35202-7833310-3 BS Physics
2 BS-18-IB-107801 Waddia Summan Muhammad Arshad Bhatti 37405-2667458-2 BS Physics
3 BS-18-LB-100643 Abdul Hannan Sarfraz Ahmad 31203-0240129-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
4 BS-18-BB-106562 Syed Fahad Ullah Tariq Mahmood 31302-2575592-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
5 BS-18-MB-102613 Urwah Bin Aamer Aamer Nazir Chaudhary 36302-4445695-7 BS Mechanical Engineering
6 BS-18-IB-108025 Aroosha Pervaiz Ch. Pervaiz Khan 37405-5798083-0 BS Computer & Information Sciences
7 BS-18-LB-104694 Ch Muhammad Abdullah Bajwa Muhammad Iqbal 34603-0318998-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
8 BS-18-IB-102223 Hafiz Adnan Yasin Muhammad Yasin 61101-7092707-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
9 BS-18-LB-101778 Huzaifa Nadeem Nadeem Zafar 35202-0228772-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
10 BS-18-LB-102461 Sheikh Muhammad Shan Sheikh Muhammad Yousaf 35202-9361685-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
11 BS-18-IB-104284 Ahmad Kamran Asad Kamran 37101-1395892-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
12 BS-18-IB-104977 Muhammad Waleed Butt Nadeem Hussain Butt 37405-0504854-7 BS Mechanical Engineering
13 BS-18-MB-108649 Muhammad Zeeshan Samiullah 17301-9966279-3 BS Electrical Engineering
14 BS-18-GB-103327 Muhammad Aqib Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal 34601-2785799-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
15 BS-18-IB-102798 Hamza Shabbir Shabbir Ahmed Qureshi 61101-5887984-7 BS Electrical Engineering
16 BS-18-IB-103723 Muhammad Abdullah Amer Amer Ikram Cheema 42000-6996325-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
17 BS-18-FB-104871  Muhammad Umair Shaffi Saleem Akhtar 33102-7401843-5 BS Electrical Engineering
18 BS-18-UB-112716 Furqan Ishaq Muhammad Ishaq 34201-3168622-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
19 BS-18-GB-112019 Siddiqua Farooq Muhammad Farooq 34603-6108474-4 BS Mechanical Engineering
20 BS-18-BB-104554 Muhammad Waris Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman 31303-5068524-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
21 BS-18-BB-105519 Huzaifa Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf 31304-7076269-0 BS Mechanical Engineering
22 BS-18-FB-111157 Abdul Qadeer Naseer Ahmad 33303-9815505-7 BS Mechanical Engineering
23 BS-18-LB-101991 Irtaza Umer Latif Muhammad Latif Anwar 32203-4938710-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
24 BS-18-FB-100929 Abdullah Yasin Mohammad Yasin 33100-1145220-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
25 BS-18-IB-101335 Muhammad Farhan Waheed Abdul Waheed 61101-7020504-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
26 BS-18-IB-102139 Mehwish Israr Mohammad Israr Khan 15602-4962941-6 BS Physics
27 BS-18-BB-101100 Syeda Hira Gilani Syed Mahmood Raza Gilani 31304-4500855-2 BS Mechanical Engineering
28 BS-18-IB-104858 Sukaina Najm Syed Najm Ul Hassan Rizvi 54400-3356660-2 BS Electrical Engineering
29 BS-18-IB-103664 Muhammad Ahmed Zaheer Muhammad Arshad Zaheer 42101-4904119-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
30 BS-18-IB-103599 Hassan Ahmed Zahid Hamid 36501-1971090-3 BS Electrical Engineering
31 BS-18-MB-101004 Ahmed Hassan Muhammad Sarfraz Khan 36302-0921620-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
32 BS-18-BB-103432 Muhammad Huzaifah Nadeem Nadeem Shahzad 31304-8637589-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
33 BS-18-IB-101561 Abdulmoeez Abdul Rauf 61101-8468579-7 BS Mechanical Engineering
34 BS-18-BB-102145 Muhammad Haseeb Hashim Khawaja Muhammad Hashim 31202-8223972-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
35 BS-18-MB-101848 Saad Salim Muhammad Salim 36302-1485602-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
36 BS-18-MB-101539 Sammar Khan Niazi Salah Ud Din Khan Niazi 36302-5368572-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
37 BS-18-MB-109324 Muhammad Usman Tahir Tahir Mahmood 36302-3442067-5 BS Electrical Engineering
38 BS-18-GB-106364 Ahad Ghufran Ghufran Javed 34101-0670567-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
39 BS-18-MB-103279 Ahmad Hussain Ghulam Shabbir Bhatti 32303-6403022-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
40 BS-18-GB-100763 Muhammad Hassaan Siddique Muhamamad Siddique 34101-8235046-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
41 BS-18-IB-101523 Abd Ur Rehman Shamsi Mazhar Ud Din Shamsi 37405-2877390-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
42 BS-18-LB-100574 Mustaqeem Tariq Tariq Mahmood Siddiqui 35201-6266196-1 BS Electrical Engineering
43 BS-18-LB-100271 Muhammad Salman Riaz Riaz Hussain Sabir 37203-5506197-1 BS Electrical Engineering
44 BS-18-IB-100579 Hajrah Rameen Muhammad Behzad 37401-2759195-8 BS Electrical Engineering
45 BS-18-FB-111142 Muhammad Hamad Muhammad Hafeez Ullah Tariq 33303-7692365-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
46 BS-18-JB-101243 Aamna Khan Basharat Ali Khan 42101-0754975-6 BS Mechanical Engineering
47 BS-18-IB-106884 Muhammad Talha Saeed Saeed Ahmad 82303-1511420-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
48 BS-18-NB-100115 Zain-Ul-Hassan Muhammad Mujahid 38303-5634984-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
49 BS-18-IB-100899 Muhammad Mouaaz Arshad Ranjha Muhammad Arshad Ranjha 34602-3684431-7 BS Computer & Information Sciences
50 BS-18-LB-103113 Abdul Wahab Shahid Shahid Mehmood 34104-3144492-5 BS Mechanical Engineering
51 BS-18-IB-100544 Muhammad Waasay Shaheer Iqbal Malik Muhammad Iqbal Malik 37405-7569371-5 BS Electrical Engineering
52 BS-18-LB-101422 Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Hafeez 34101-7836723-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
53 BS-18-IB-109256 Aoun Muhammad Ghazi Abdul Majeed Asif 37405-1757845-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
54 BS-18-SB-104958 Dawood Khalid Hafiz Khalid Mahmood 38403-3348397-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
55 BS-18-MB-102947 Muhammad Uzair Ali Mukhtar Ahmad 36102-5197707-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
56 BS-18-FB-104233 Umer Farooq Muhammad Ishaq 33100-7322643-7 BS Electrical Engineering
57 BS-18-MB-101520 Syed Muhammad Afnan Gillani Syed Masood Ali Shah 36302-1518228-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
58 BS-18-FB-109597 Umar Asif Asif Iqbal 33100-3426569-1 BS Mechanical Engineering
59 BS-18-MB-106354 Waleed Umer Umer Hayat 36302-1728059-5 BS Electrical Engineering
60 BS-18-MB-102807 Muhammad Umair Rana Shoukat Hayat Noon 36304-9284140-9 BS Electrical Engineering
61 BS-18-AB-108577 Asad Ali Muzaffar Ali 13101-2635694-3 BS Electrical Engineering
62 BS-18-LB-105174 Muhammad Ali Mohsin Shahzad Muhammad Shahzad Zafar 35202-5303097-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
63 BS-18-KB-108464 Sheikh Nauman Ahmed Aqeel Ahmed 42101-7767544-7 BS Electrical Engineering
64 BS-18-PB-103920 Kashif Munir Munir Khan 17301-8629493-1 BS Electrical Engineering
65 BS-18-FB-101738 Samavia Jaffery Kashif Jaffery 33202-8272255-2 BS Electrical Engineering
66 BS-18-IB-104390 ARMAGHAN SHAFIQ SHAFIQ UR REHMAN 37406-9095660-3 BS Electrical Engineering
67 BS-18-IB-103552 Muhammad Sameer Rashid Rashid Ayub 37303-2615199-7 BS Electrical Engineering
68 BS-18-LB-101167 Ihtisham Muhammad Sheikh Tariq Mehmood 34501-0614153-9 BS Electrical Engineering
69 BS-18-LB-100045 Irtaza Ahmad Mirza Nabeel Ahmad 35202-5281469-1 BS Electrical Engineering
70 BS-18-LB-106014 Uswa Batool Syed Fiyaz Hussain Shah 32303-0868563-4 BS Electrical Engineering
71 BS-18-LB-102678 Muhammad Hadeed Khan abdul Junaid Khan 35404-5470282-5 BS Electrical Engineering
72 BS-18-FB-106343 Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Tariq 33301-1580539-7 BS Electrical Engineering
73 BS-18-MB-107758 Shazil Anjum Muhammad Yaqoob Anjum 36103-4647794-7 BS Electrical Engineering
74 BS-18-BB-103017 MUHAMMAD WALEED NAEEM NAEEM ALI 31202-6155932-7 BS Electrical Engineering
75 BS-18-MB-108475 Muhammad Mohad Safeer Hussain 361013-108368-7 BS Electrical Engineering
76 BS-18-FB-109557 Muhammad Faisal Azam Muhammad Azam 33100-0236136-9 BS Electrical Engineering
77 BS-18-LB-110315 Ayesha Mannan Abdul Mannan 36502-0932296-0 BS Electrical Engineering
78 BS-18-PB-101209 Taimoor Ahmad Khan Kashif Kamran Khan 12101-6267466-7 BS Electrical Engineering
79 BS-18-PB-100079 Saeed Ahmad Khair Ul Bashar 15101-1593167-3 BS Computer & Information Sciences
80 BS-18-GB-106612 Umer Husnain Qadeer Hussain 34603-6548495-5 BS Computer & Information Sciences
81 BS-18-IB-106314 Aneela Riaz Muhammad Riaz 37401-4632527-0 BS Electrical Engineering
82 BS-18-FB-111111 Umair Asghar Ali Asghar 33105-3206502-3 BS Electrical Engineering
83 BS-18-IB-104243 Usama Hussain Imtiaz Hussain 37201-4045572-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
84 BS-18-FB-103160 Umar Tariq Tariq Iqbal 33202-1503446-1 BS Electrical Engineering
85 BS-18-PB-107814 Muhammad Ali Fazal Arif 42401-6161925-9 BS Electrical Engineering
86 BS-18-IB-112536 Mohammad Hisham Raja Raja Tanveer Ahmed 374054-405816-9 BS Mechanical Engineering
87 BS-18-LB-100827 Mohammad Abdur Rehman Cheema Mohammad Asim Cheema 35202-5733518-7 BS Computer & Information Sciences
88 BS-18-MB-101929 Aqsa Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmad 32102-3577124-8 BS Electrical Engineering
89 BS-18-SB-105635 Dilawaiz Imtiaz Ahmed 34401-0408716-8 BS Physics
90 BS-18-IB-100254 Daiyan Sohail Khan Sohail Zahur Khan 81302-7331328-9 BS Physics
91 BS-18-IB-100652 Syed Asim Shah Syed Farooq Shah 16202-7915241-9 BS Electrical Engineering
92 BS-18-MB-103186 Abdul Rehman Abid Hafeez 36302-6890016-9 BS Electrical Engineering
93 BS-18-IB-105464 Huzaifa Ahmed Gondal Asadullah Ghalib 61101-0192878-7 BS Electrical Engineering
94 BS-18-IB-110352 Muhammad Zeeshan Khattak Gul Omraz Khan Khattak 37405-1068477-1 BS Electrical Engineering
95 BS-18-IB-104119 Muhammad Saad Choudhry Shahid Ehsan 61101-8635613-5 BS Electrical Engineering
96 BS-18-LB-110257 Muhammad Burhan Mirza Aman Aftab Mirza 35202-6096348-7 BS Electrical Engineering
97 BS-18-FB-105116 Muhammad Hunzilah Ahmad Sheikh Zafar Hanif Sheikh 33100-7746205-5 BS Electrical Engineering
98 BS-18-MB-110187 Mishal Fatima Muhammad Akhtar 36102-6690871-2 BS Electrical Engineering
99 BS-18-IB-104453 Ayatullah Saifullah Khalid Saifullah 37405-8513694-9 BS Electrical Engineering
100 BS-18-GB-104311 Talha Adrees Muhammad Adrees 34602-3409454-7 BS Electrical Engineering
101 BS-18-LB-108208 Muhammad Farjad Shaukat Shaukat Ali 35201-4874730-1 BS Electrical Engineering
102 BS-18-IB-100903 Muhammad Abu Bakar Ali Hafiz Muhammad Tariq 61101-9621118-3 BS Electrical Engineering
103 BS-18-IB-106176 Anas Zohrab Zohrab Hussain 13101-5332401-3 BS Electrical Engineering
104 BS-18-IB-100479 Shoaib Ahmad Ikhtiar Ahmad 37203-1256977-1 BS Electrical Engineering
105 BS-18-SB-103522 Faiz Ahmed Mukhtar Hussain 38403-4345499-5 BS Electrical Engineering
106 BS-18-LB-109788 Syed Qasim Raza Syed Javed Iqbal 35201-9129925-5 BS Electrical Engineering
107 BS-18-LB-106429 Khizer Saeed Hamid Saeed 35404-9750446-1 BS Electrical Engineering
108 BS-18-LB-104981 Ahmad Kamal Baig Imran Baig 36502-3750449-1 BS Computer & Information Sciences
109 BS-18-IB-105352 Muzzamil Abbas Tahir Abbas 37405-3660343-5 BS Computer & Information Sciences
110 BS-18-LB-102044 Asif Mahmood Tariq Mahmood 35201-8856012-3 BS Electrical Engineering
111 BS-18-PB-103933 Muhammad Hassaan Meher Zaman 16101-8531782-1 BS Electrical Engineering
112 BS-18-GB-104066 Faaiq Muhammad Muhammad Abid 34101-5999025-7 BS Electrical Engineering
113 BS-18-IB-102571 Ali Hassan Muhammad Ali Mushtaq 35101-0555080-9 BS Electrical Engineering
114 BS-18-KB-100610 Muhammad Abdullah Ansari Junaid Arif 42101-6029680-3 BS Electrical Engineering
115 BS-18-SB-106868 Qamar Abbas Zill E Husnain 38405-4497126-5 BS Electrical Engineering
116 BS-18-FB-102125 Muhammad Sikandar Ijaz Ijaz Ahmed Tubbasum 32304-0789269-5 BS Electrical Engineering
117 BS-18-IB-105532 Tabeed Ali Mansoor Raza 36301-5152839-7 BS Electrical Engineering
118 BS-18-FB-102245 Muhammad Talha Gill Muhammad Saleem Gill 33102-1122849-5 BS Electrical Engineering
119 BS-18-IB-105971 Neha Chaudhary Ulfat Arif 37405-8506429-8 BS Electrical Engineering
120 BS-18-MB-102151 Zeshan Ali Abdul Razaq 36302-3515700-3 BS Electrical Engineering
121 BS-18-MB-111432 Muhammad Talha Riaz Muahmmad Riaz 36302-1475466-1 BS Electrical Engineering
122 BS-18-GB-106710 Mir Hamza Naseem Asghar 346033-660735-3 BS Electrical Engineering
123 BS-18-LB-100159 Ali Amin Muhammad Amin 35200-8478072-5 BS Electrical Engineering
124 BS-18-FB-112279 Iqra Ayesha Khalid Mahmood 33100-0120536-8 BS Electrical Engineering
125 BS-18-MB-103957 Muhammad Talha Hamid Masood 36302-1170781-7 BS Electrical Engineering
126 BS-18-JB-104918 Syed Muhammad Haider Abbas Syed Muhammad Moosa Kazim 41304-4617619-1 BS Electrical Engineering
127 BS-18-IB-104631 Qazi Muhammad Abdullah Qazi Nisar Ahmad 37405-9272663-1 BS Electrical Engineering
128 BS-18-IB-107163 Talha Amjad Amjad Riaz 35202-6047622-5 BS Electrical Engineering
129 BS-18-LB-111855 Linta Kamran Muhammad Kamran Ashraf 36103-9685693-6 BS Computer & Information Sciences
130 BS-18-IB-100625 Shaharyar Sajid Sajid Sharif 61101-5698517-5 BS Computer & Information Sciences
131 BS-18-LB-100525 Asad Bin Amir Rafi-Uz-Zaman Amir 35202-2756924-5 BS Computer & Information Sciences
132 BS-18-IB-100172 Muhammad Mutahar Chaudhry Muhammad Majid Chaudhry 37405-5184917-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
133 BS-18-FB-106322 Marwa Madni Shakeel Ahmed 36502-3825579-0 BS Computer & Information Sciences
134 BS-18-FB-107308 Zeeshan Ali Kiramat Ali 33301-2495298-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
135 BS-18-IB-107794 Ahmed Abdullah Sajid Mehmood Khan 37104-1821883-7 BS Computer & Information Sciences
136 BS-18-BB-100242 Muhammad Bilal Gulzar Ahmad 31203-4704651-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
137 BS-18-IB-107006 Tayyab Daud Ur Raheem 37405-0309206-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
138 BS-18-IB-107768 Minahil Zafar Abbasi Zafar Javad Abbasi 61101-7273601-2 BS Computer & Information Sciences
139 BS-18-UB-113228 Anam Sagheer Muhammad Sagheer 34201-8348879-6 BS Computer & Information Sciences
140 BS-18-JB-101560 Humair Abbas Aftab Khuwaja 41101-2383066-3 BS Computer & Information Sciences
141 BS-18-MB-106433 Uzma Liaqat Liaqat Ali 33102-3971502-6 BS Computer & Information Sciences
142 BS-18-SB-110126 HASSAN ABBAS SAFDAR ALI 38405-5893477-3 BS Physics
143 BS-18-IB-106697 ASMA MOHSIN ABDUL MOHSIN KHAN 37405-7094650-0 BS Electrical Engineering
144 BS-18-IB-105447 Muhammad Azeem Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar 33104-7902344-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
145 BS-18-KB-104309 Zubair Nasir Khan Muhammad Nasir Khan 42101-5182325-7 BS Computer & Information Sciences
146 BS-18-IB-100659 Manaal Fatima Muhammad Iqbal 35102-8864515-6 BS Computer & Information Sciences
147 BS-18-DB-108955 Saqib Ullah Islam Khan 21708-2789690-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
148 BS-18-MB-109190 Muhammad Yasir Aziz Muhammad Mustansar Aziz 36302-4676032-5 BS Computer & Information Sciences
149 BS-18-IB-104092 Muhammad Shoaib Talib Talib Hussain 37104-3366820-3 BS Computer & Information Sciences
150 BS-18-LB-112754 Muhammad Hamza Atiq Ur Rehman 34603-7936279-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
151 BS-18-IB-100372 Usman Ali Shafqat Ali 61101-9292505-9 BS Physics
152 BS-18-IB-101833 Mansoor Wadood Abdul Wadood 15602-3323776-1 BS Physics
153 BS-18-AB-108593 Syeda Eman Zahra Syed Arif Hussain 82203-7610921-2 BS Physics
154 BS-18-AB-102148 Ikramullah Anayatullah 13202-2519320-9 BS Physics
155 BS-18-FB-107145 Muhammad Arfat Amir Amir Javed 33100-7540507-3 BS Physics
156 BS-18-IB-107216 Rimsha Rehan Shaista Parveen 37405-9660971-6 BS Physics
157 BS-18-MB-104672 Muhammad Umair Ismail Muhammad Ismail 36301-4768043-7 BS Physics
158 BS-18-LB-104605 Ruhma Khan Shahzad Ahmad 35202-2822249-8 BS Physics
159 BS-18-IB-101269 Maham Ibrar Ibrar Ahmad 17201-2137744-0 BS Physics
160 BS-18-IB-103495 MUHAMMAD EHTISHAM MUHAMMAD ISLAM 38201-4506264-1 BS Physics
161 BS-18-UB-108878 AHMAD IQBAL Azhar Iqbal 34201-9770361-7 BS Computer & Information Sciences
162 BS-18-IB-106605 Tanveer Ahmed khan Muhammad Aslam Khan 38302-2080180-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
163 BS-18-BB-103949 Sundas Fareed Ghulam Fareed 31102-7145965-2 BS Computer & Information Sciences
164 BS-18-LB-105703 Saad ahmad Abdul Khaliq 31101-1937150-5 BS Computer & Information Sciences
165 BS-18-LB-108220 Sadaf Rehmat Ali Javed 35102-0348918-4 BS Computer & Information Sciences
166 BS-18-BB-105794 Muhammad shahzad Khan Muhammad 31104-3478790-7 BS Computer & Information Sciences
167 BS-18-PB-100581 Muhammad Saeed Khan Khattak PARVEZ AKHTAR 17201-2608029-1 BS Computer & Information Sciences
168 BS-18-IB-100379 Sijil jehangir Shah Jehangir 61101-8730393-2 BS Computer & Information Sciences
169 BS-18-IB-111741 Usama bin hafeez abbasi abdul hafeez abbasi 61101-9359307-3 BS Computer & Information Sciences
170 BS-18-LB-106992 MUHAMMAD ZAIN REHMAN ABDUL REHMAN 35404-0230126-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
171 BS-18-GB-105355 USAMA SIDDIQUE MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUE 34603-8881026-1 BS Computer & Information Sciences
172 BS-18-IB-109129 Faizan ul Islam Idris Ahmad 37405-5741613-9 BS Computer & Information Sciences
173 BS-18-FB-111751 Muhammad Ahmad Bashir Muhammad Abid Bashir 33100-9693106-3 BS Mechanical Engineering
174 BS-18-LB-105847 Muhammad Ammar Imran Naveed 35202-5822831-7 BS Mechanical Engineering
175 IPhO Memoona Ilyas Muhammad Ilyas   BS Electrical Engineering
176 BS-18-IB-101596 Sonia Ahmad Khan Imran Ahmad 61101-1168591-8 BS Physics
177 BS-18-IB-106735 Sehar Aman Aman Ullah Khan 37104-4896470-4 BS Physics
178 BS-18-IB-105698 MUQADDAS IQBAL MUHAMMAD IQBAL MUSTAFA 37401-1463815-2 BS Physics
179 BS-18-IB-104986 Momina batool Tariq mehmood Malik 37203-8537200-0 BS Physics
180 BS-18-IB-108436 Syed khanzaib shah syed malkizar shah 61101-3667416-5 BS Physics
181 BS-18-NB-105542 Muznah Arshad M.Arshad Iqbal 38303-8637633-4 BS Physics
182 BS-18-IB-104041 ALISHBA RASOOL SHAHID MEHMOOD 61101-8291615-6 BS Physics
183 BS-18-IB-108378 Muhammad Uzair Aurangzaib Aurangzaib Ashraf 37405-2306775-9 BS Physics
184 BS-18-BB-107692 Iram liaquat liaquat ali 31303-5170487-4 BS Physics
185 BS-18-IB-108292 Kamla Bibi Ashfaq Ahmed 37301-3675792-4 BS Physics